Morena Capabilities beta version 0.6
Morena Capabilities library introduces Morena's two most required features:
  • Pops up pure Java user interface windows to allow users to set the required scanning capabilities (options in Sane).
  • It remembers the last used interface (Twain/Sane), last used hardware, last used capabilities and their values. This is the often required "One button scanning" solution.
The source code of this library is available at the examples/MorenaCapabilities/src directory of the trial distribution package.
Technical notes:
  • MorenaCapabilities library stores necessary information to the properties files located in the .morena directory of the user's home directory.
  • It is possible to turn on a debug mode by setting -Dmorena.capabilities.debug=true system property.
Please, notice, that this library is in beta version and can be changed. We appreciate your experiences with using this library.
Test our new library online and send us your feedback !